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31 Jan

So, I think I finally have the blog looking reasonably appealing. I still have to put up a book page, change my widgets around…::sigh:: This is why authors pay people to set these things up. Self-sufficient masochist that I am, I have to figure out how to do it myself. I’ll be back to tackle more tomorrow.

Luckily, on the book side, things are coming along nicely. Mending Fences should be ready to publish by the weekend, hooray!

A Blog is Born

30 Jan

Welcome to my blog! I am a writer, but that doesn’t mean this blog is going to be about writing. I’m sure some posts will cover the craft or business of writing and publishing, and I’ll have guest authors on occasion. But this is also a place to post about things that interest me outside of writing. I hope you’ll enjoy visiting!