Sad day…Jan Berenstain Has Died

27 Feb

I grew up reading the Berenstain Bears. My kids read the books and watched the cartoons. So it is with great sadness that I post the link to an obituary for one of the Bears’ creators: Jan Berenstain Has Died – GalleyCat.

I have the deepest respect for anyone who can create characters perfect for children. I’ve tried many times over the years to write a children’s, or even a middle grade, book. I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around it. Writing for kids is hard work, and pairing the words with fun pictures is even harder, in my opinion.

One fun fact about the Berenstain Bears…Dr. Seuss was the editor of the books. According to Jan Berenstain, the bears were given her surname as of the second book, The Bike Lesson, when Dr. Seuss added a subtitle: “The Second Adventure of the Berenstain Bears”.

RIP, Mrs. Berenstain. You brought a lot of joy to generations of children, and that sweet family of bears will be loved by generations to come.

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