Happy Leap Day! How will you spend it?

29 Feb

So, here we are at Leap Day. Do you remember what you did last time, four long years ago? Even more important: what will you do on THIS Leap Day?

Yes, it does matter. After all Leap Days are incredibly rare. More rare than a blue moon, which occurs every three years or so. In an average lifetime, you’ll only experience 19 or 20 of these days. Shouldn’t Leap Day be spent on something more than the usual mundane tasks of work, or mopping the floor, or picking up the kids from school? Ok, you probably can’t skip out on your job, and leaving the kids at school will lead to all sorts of trouble, but you should definitely skip mopping.

Try spending your spare time today doing something–anything–out of your normal routine. Take a different route home from work and notice the new sights along the way. Turn to a radio station you never listen to and experience new music for a few minutes. If you’re making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, exchange the spaghetti for rice or mashed potatoes. (Come on, try it before you declare it disgusting!) Pick up a new book that isn’t in your usual genre. Try ice skating. Stop by a rancher’s fence and pet a cow.

I think I’ll work a bit on a new story idea that’s completely out of my normal comfort zone. Then I think I’ll go for a drive. Not to go anywhere, just for fun. My towering Helvetican hero does that a lot and has always wondered why I don’t. I always say I’m too busy to just go wander by myself with no destination. I will impose a time limit on myself, because there are certain things that simply must be done today, but otherwise, I’ll give it a shot. I’ll just drive and see what I see.

Take the challenge. Be creative, get out of your rut, and do something you’ll remember the next time Leap Day rolls around!

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