Monday morning and I can’t get moving

16 Apr

Help, I’m tired and I can’t get up! Ugh. Part of the problem is that I’m trying to break my Diet Coke habit and force myself to sleep a normal number of hours. Typically, I’ll sleep 5-6 hours, catch an hour nap during the day if I’m exceedingly lucky, and then stay sharp by drinking copious amounts of Diet Coke. Not the healthiest way to live. So, I got over 7 hours of sleep, I’m nice and hydrated with water, as I should be, and I CANNOT get going. The brain is mushy. Plus, the start of a withdrawal headache is nudging at the back of my skull. All this on a day when I have words to write. Lots of them.


I admit defeat. $1 large Diet Coke at the Mickey-D’s on the corner, coming right up!

What have you tried to change for your health and failed at before finally succeeding? Please, show me I’m not alone in my struggle!

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