On the schedule this week

11 Jun

Happy Monday, everyone! There are some big things coming this week. Between now and Friday the plan is to:

  • Launch a new look for the blog
  • Offer Mending Fences for FREE Thursday and Friday before it leaves the Amazon exclusive program.
  • Release Finding Refuge on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe, and Smashwords. It will launch on Kobo as soon as their new author portal goes live later this month so I can upload directly. I’ll also upload to Apple as soon as I can borrow a friend’s Mac.

Also, Mending Fences will be available on those same platforms as of Sunday, June 17. Being exclusive to Amazon can result in great sales, but, having done it, I’ve concluded that I don’t like paying the price of not having my books available to readers at their choice of vendors, in their choice of formats. So, out of Select I go.

Whew, that’s plenty to keep me busy this week. What’s on your schedule?

2 Responses to “On the schedule this week”

  1. stacy June 14, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    Hello – I was actually perusing and found your title Mending Fences for free. Unfortunately, I’m unable to participate I have a Nook. Although I can read on computer – its cumbersome switching back and forth.
    I was pleased to read that you will opt-out of Amazon’s Select program in favor of giving readers more accessibility to your titles.(Yay!) Amazon’s program have benefited many authors who participated but I feel it should be evaluated every so often (sales &marketing; goals of the author, etc) and based on many favorable review I can’t go wrong the purchase of Mending Fences! Can’t wait until it becomes available on B&N or Smashwords. – Best.

    • Lucy Francis June 17, 2012 at 7:54 am #

      Hi Stacy, thanks for stopping by!

      It wasn’t easy to leave the Select program. I already know I’ll miss the Prime-member borrows the most. Authors are paid for those, and in many cases make as much, sometimes more, than they would on a sale. So, for authors with a lot of borrows, giving up the money to take a chance on other sales portals is a huge consideration. The authors I know who have decided to publish strictly via Amazon use the lending income vs. poor sales elsewhere as their reason why.

      I would love to see other retailers step up their game and compete with Amazon on the basis of what they can offer authors, to make getting our books out there and visible to readers a little easier. Amazon does it really well, and that’s a place other storefronts can improve. From what I’ve seen of the new Kobo publishing portal, they have thought of new, improved ways to work with authors, and I’m really looking forward to working with them.

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