Girl Time!

6 Jul

This has really been a week for rejuvenation for me, where I’ve taken some rare time off to spend hours at a time out of my office, away from writing, away from all of my usual hats. It’s given the creative well time to refill, as well as being a great refresher for the mind, soul, and heart. Today, I added some body rejuvenation too.

I spent the afternoon today with my daughter. The Princess and I had lunch, checked out the comic book store to see if new issues were in for her fave comics, and stopped in at a new hobby store where she picked up a remote control helicopter. But before all that, we did a mother/daughter spa trip.

The spa was fantastic, the ambience serene, the decor lovely, the staff perfectly accommodating and enjoyable to chat with. We each had an hour long massage (the lime aromatherapy was heavenly), and hour long pedicures. My toenails are now deep red. The Princess went for sparkly green. Then she had her brows waxed and tinted, because they are naturally blonde and practically invisible without assistance.

Sooooo much pampering. It’s far too expensive to do very often, but it was so worth it today, when I could share the experience with my daughter. Maybe we can turn this into an annual experience!

What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?

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