Real Life Romance

14 Jul

I did something completely spontaneous for Friday the 13th. The Helvetican finally had a day off after working eight days straight. So by mid-afternoon on Friday, I hatched a plan to jumpstart his weekend off. 

I checked out the listings for one of our favorite bed & breakfast inns, the Armstrong Mansion, and found one room available for that night. Lucky me, it was a room we’d stayed in before and enjoyed, one of the few with a king bed. A king bed is a requirement when your hubby is 6’5″. Oh, and it has an awesome, huge, jetted tub. Anyway, I hurried and booked the room, then changed into a cute summery dress, packed for the overnight stay, and snuck the bag out to the car without him noticing. I told my daughter what I was up to, then grabbed the Helvetican, and off we went.

First stop: dinner at a local Middle Eastern restaurant we hadn’t been to in a while. Mazza is soooooo yummy. We noshed on pita with labneh and hummus, potatoes Harra, baked kafta, and the signature lamb shank. Everything is so perfectly prepared and packed with flavor. I do love that place. 

Then, off for a lovely little drive through the east side of the city to a) confuse the Helvetican, and b) eventually work our way to the B&B. He had NO clue until we pulled into the lot and parked. The local power grid was off for a bit, so there were candles everywhere inside the inn. Perfect for the setting, a mansion built in 1893. We had a wonderful stay, full of romance and a really, REALLY good night’s rest, free of needy dogs and yowling cats. While I planned the evening as a refresher for my hubby, it gave me a break that I really needed, too.

Have you ever done anything fun or romantic on the spur of the moment?

2 Responses to “Real Life Romance”

  1. mia downing July 17, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    what a great weekend! I’m so glad you got a chance to relax. You deserve it.

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