Lucy’s Wednesday WIP Words

26 Sep

I’m trying out another theme day. Each Wednesday, I’m going to post a snippet of whatever book I’m currently writing (WIP: Work In Progress). 

Today’s words come from a novella I’m aiming to release the first part of November. It’s called Taming Scrooge. Will Holly’s ski and snowboard shop shares a building with Sabrina Whitlock’s gift shop. Sabrina’s a bit of a holiday nut and tends to go all out on decorations. In this scene, Will has arrived to open his shop the day before Thanksgiving, only to find Sabrina’s decorating has gone too far. Have a look:

A huge, inflatable turkey stretched across most of the six-foot deep walkway. It sat just to the right of the door to the gift shop he shared building space with, but the width of the damn thing meant it extended a good six inches in front of his door. If it didn’t trip anyone coming or going, it would definitely snag every snowboard or ski crossing his threshold. He glared at the door of the gift shop. Light flooded from the office in the back. Good, he could have it out with Sabrina Whitlock before any early customers came along and caught him losing his cool.

He strode to the gift shop door—which was, naturally, in no way blocked by the turkey—and gave it a yank. Locked. Anger bubbled in his brain as he pounded on the door with his cold, bare fist. “Come on, Duchess, I know you’re in there.”

He pounded again and again, until her head popped around the jamb of her office door. She jogged toward him, dodging racks and shelves laden with all the girly crap she sold, and threw the lock. He pulled open the door, ready to launch his tirade.

“Morning, Will,” Sabrina brushed a hand across her forehead, pushing her brown bangs out of her eyes, and grinned at him, sending an unwelcome ripple of appreciation through the good angry boil he had going. Her ready smile never failed to catch his eye, and only added to his frustration in dealing with her.

He jabbed a finger toward the inflatable. “Sabrina, what the hell is this?”

She laughed, a throaty, full-bodied sound that poured through his anger and pooled south. Devastating, if it came from anyone other than her. “Um, it’s a turkey.”

I’m having so much fun with these two!

Be sure to turn in next Wednesday for more WIP Words.

One Response to “Lucy’s Wednesday WIP Words”

  1. Mia Downing September 26, 2012 at 3:17 pm #

    Love it!!!! Write faster.

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