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Real Life Romance

14 Jul

I did something completely spontaneous for Friday the 13th. The Helvetican finally had a day off after working eight days straight. So by mid-afternoon on Friday, I hatched a plan to jumpstart his weekend off. 

I checked out the listings for one of our favorite bed & breakfast inns, the Armstrong Mansion, and found one room available for that night. Lucky me, it was a room we’d stayed in before and enjoyed, one of the few with a king bed. A king bed is a requirement when your hubby is 6’5″. Oh, and it has an awesome, huge, jetted tub. Anyway, I hurried and booked the room, then changed into a cute summery dress, packed for the overnight stay, and snuck the bag out to the car without him noticing. I told my daughter what I was up to, then grabbed the Helvetican, and off we went.

First stop: dinner at a local Middle Eastern restaurant we hadn’t been to in a while. Mazza is soooooo yummy. We noshed on pita with labneh and hummus, potatoes Harra, baked kafta, and the signature lamb shank. Everything is so perfectly prepared and packed with flavor. I do love that place. 

Then, off for a lovely little drive through the east side of the city to a) confuse the Helvetican, and b) eventually work our way to the B&B. He had NO clue until we pulled into the lot and parked. The local power grid was off for a bit, so there were candles everywhere inside the inn. Perfect for the setting, a mansion built in 1893. We had a wonderful stay, full of romance and a really, REALLY good night’s rest, free of needy dogs and yowling cats. While I planned the evening as a refresher for my hubby, it gave me a break that I really needed, too.

Have you ever done anything fun or romantic on the spur of the moment?

Clicking Refresh…

16 Jun

Don’t mind me. I’m just sitting here clicking refresh every few minutes, wondering when Finding Refuge will finally go LIVE on Amazon. I’m not, however, clicking refresh at Barnes & Noble, because I know we’ll be lucky to see it there by tomorrow.

Pardon My Dust

12 Jun

If you drop by today, chances are you’ll catch the site in flux. I’m playing with some different options for the look, so I apologize if you happen by while I’m making changes and the site isn’t necessarily legible. I’ll send out a notice when it’s all done!


31 Jan

So, I think I finally have the blog looking reasonably appealing. I still have to put up a book page, change my widgets around…::sigh:: This is why authors pay people to set these things up. Self-sufficient masochist that I am, I have to figure out how to do it myself. I’ll be back to tackle more tomorrow.

Luckily, on the book side, things are coming along nicely. Mending Fences should be ready to publish by the weekend, hooray!

A Blog is Born

30 Jan

Welcome to my blog! I am a writer, but that doesn’t mean this blog is going to be about writing. I’m sure some posts will cover the craft or business of writing and publishing, and I’ll have guest authors on occasion. But this is also a place to post about things that interest me outside of writing. I hope you’ll enjoy visiting!