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Saturday Stuff

3 Mar

Random notes for Saturday:

  • I always have a wide variety of birds using the feeders in my little urban forest. Two new species have shown up to eat, and I’m trying to get good photos of them so I can get professional help identifying them. I’m pretty sure one of them is a Pacific-slope Flycatcher. Interesting, because that species doesn’t belong in Utah. I’ll post photos when I can.
  • We worked HARD in dance class today. My calves are killing me from being on my toes for an hour. I wouldn’t trade it, though. Irish dance just makes me smile.
  • I’m participating in a St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop! It’s going to be a lot of fun, and there are even prizes to give away. Every blog in the hop will be giving away a prize, including mine! Stay tuned for what that will be, and click on the Blog Hop sign to the right to learn more.
  • I’m also participating in the Read an Ebook Week promotion on Smashwords. Starting at 12:01 a.m. on March 4, through March 10, Smashwords will offer a catalog of books discounted by the authors. I’m offering Mending Fences at 75% off, to help entice readers into the world of ebooks. Trust me, reading digitally is cool! More on this tomorrow, when the sale begins.

Musings for Mid-February

16 Feb

Ok, mid-February was technically yesterday, but just work with me here…

I’m watching my little birdie friends through my writing office window. While birds come and go throughout the day, the major feedings come in the morning and evening. At those times, there can be a good fifty birds taking turns at the feeders and, for the doves, picking seed off the ground. I fill the feeders at least once a day now, because the strange weather over the last few years has birds returning from the south sooner than they should, just in time to have our very late winters kick in and prevent them from finding food.

They tussle with each other and find ways to take turns, the small ones banding together to pester the big magpies and starlings that like to boss everyone else. One sparrow couple has taken over the birdhouse closest to my window, and several others of various species have inspected the farther one. Still others flirt and play with each other, trying to decide if they’ll mate or keep looking.

My feathered friends like my yard now because I’m feeding them. They like my yard in the summer because it looks like this:
























Ok…so maybe I do miss spring just a teeny bit. Thank heavens there is sunshine today. I think I shall go spend some time enjoying it.