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Sabrina Tries to be Nice on Six Sentence Sunday

21 Oct

For this week’s Six Sentence Sunday post, I’m giving you a snippet from my upcoming release, Taming Scrooge.

Sabrina Whitlock’s gift shop shares a building with Will Holly’s ski & snowboard shop. Sabrina’s a bit of a holiday nut and tends to go all out on celebrating and decorations. She knows she drives Will up a tree, and she enjoys needling him for his grumpiness. Still, when she realizes he has worked on Thanksgiving Day, she takes pity on him and delivers a plate of leftovers from the meal she made with her brothers. He’s obviously dubious about her motives when she delivers dinner to his shop, just before closing time. But she perseveres. After all, everyone deserves a great Thanksgiving dinner, even cranky people.

She stretched her arms out, holding the plate up to encourage him. Shouldn’t a bear like him grab a food offering and rush back to his den to gobble it up? He looked positively skittish. “Come on, it’s yummy. A classic Thanksgiving feast. Don’t worry, I left the rat poison off.”

Check out more Six Sentence fun at Six Sentence Sunday!

Lucy’s Wednesday WIP Words

26 Sep

I’m trying out another theme day. Each Wednesday, I’m going to post a snippet of whatever book I’m currently writing (WIP: Work In Progress). 

Today’s words come from a novella I’m aiming to release the first part of November. It’s called Taming Scrooge. Will Holly’s ski and snowboard shop shares a building with Sabrina Whitlock’s gift shop. Sabrina’s a bit of a holiday nut and tends to go all out on decorations. In this scene, Will has arrived to open his shop the day before Thanksgiving, only to find Sabrina’s decorating has gone too far. Have a look:

A huge, inflatable turkey stretched across most of the six-foot deep walkway. It sat just to the right of the door to the gift shop he shared building space with, but the width of the damn thing meant it extended a good six inches in front of his door. If it didn’t trip anyone coming or going, it would definitely snag every snowboard or ski crossing his threshold. He glared at the door of the gift shop. Light flooded from the office in the back. Good, he could have it out with Sabrina Whitlock before any early customers came along and caught him losing his cool.

He strode to the gift shop door—which was, naturally, in no way blocked by the turkey—and gave it a yank. Locked. Anger bubbled in his brain as he pounded on the door with his cold, bare fist. “Come on, Duchess, I know you’re in there.”

He pounded again and again, until her head popped around the jamb of her office door. She jogged toward him, dodging racks and shelves laden with all the girly crap she sold, and threw the lock. He pulled open the door, ready to launch his tirade.

“Morning, Will,” Sabrina brushed a hand across her forehead, pushing her brown bangs out of her eyes, and grinned at him, sending an unwelcome ripple of appreciation through the good angry boil he had going. Her ready smile never failed to catch his eye, and only added to his frustration in dealing with her.

He jabbed a finger toward the inflatable. “Sabrina, what the hell is this?”

She laughed, a throaty, full-bodied sound that poured through his anger and pooled south. Devastating, if it came from anyone other than her. “Um, it’s a turkey.”

I’m having so much fun with these two!

Be sure to turn in next Wednesday for more WIP Words.

Kindle Romance Novels: Finding Refuge Hearts Redemption by Lucy Francis

8 Jul

Kindle Romance Novels: Finding Refuge Hearts Redemption by Lucy Francis.

Yes, yes, this is a shameless plug for Finding Refuge, but I also wanted to give a huge shout out to Donna Fasano for maintaining the Kindle Romance Novels website and twitter feeds. She does a lovely job spotlighting new romance novels every day and giving them a publicity push.

She’s also a best-selling author, so check out her page: http://www.donnafasano.com.

A new month and a holiday

1 Jul

Canada Day Graphics

Happy July to everyone and Happy Canada Day to my friends to the north!

I’ve never had the opportunity to go to Canada, but that’s an item on my bucket list. I want to see as much as possible, from the Pacific to the Atlantic and up into the frozen north. If you’re Canadian or have spent time in Canada, what would you recommend as a must-see stop for that bucket list tour?

My goals for the month of July include:

  • 30k on the paranormal romance novel
  • 15k on the next contemporary in the Heart’s Redemption series
  • Spend lots of time with the Helvetican. We’re going fishing Tuesday, WOOHOO!
  • Nudge the son who has some credits to make up before school starts again
  • Get the electrician in here to do the work needed on the house so we don’t accidentally burn the place to the ground
  • Find the surface of my desk. Seriously. When I can’t find things in my file-by-pile system, you know it is out of control. I really need to upload before and after photos. You’ll be shocked that I can get anything done in this mess. But, on the other hand, you know the old saying…If a messy desk is the sign of a messy mind, what’s an empty desk a sign of?

Free Promo is underway!

14 Jun

Mending Fences is free today and tomorrow on Amazon. If you haven’t read it yet, or if you enjoyed it and want to gift it to a fellow romance reader, now is the time!

Here are the links:

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Mending-Fences-ebook/dp/B0077I0OIG

Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mending-Fences-ebook/dp/B0077I0OIG


A Long Absence and a New Cover

16 May

My poor blog has been ignored lately. I feel terrible about that, I really do, but May is just One of Those Months, you know? Over the next three weeks, I have to keep my teens focused on finals and projects and myriad craziness that accompanies the end of the school year. Son #3 graduates high school two weeks from tomorrow. The week after that, son #1 returns from a two-year mission, and yes, I’m beyond thrilled about that. So, I shall try to stay current here on the blog, but if I slip over the next few weeks, don’t be terribly surprised.

Now, on to news…I have a cover for Finding Refuge! The book, a contemporary romance, is loosely linked to Mending Fences. Some of the MF characters do show up in the new book, but both can easily stand alone for readers. Click on the Books link above to check out an excerpt. Finding Refuge is tentatively slated for release on June 1.












So, what do you think?

An Intro to a Friend for Her Birthday!

21 Apr

Today, a woman I have known for a great many years is celebrating her birthday. That’s a great time to introduce her to you, don’t you think? Of course, she has so many books out, you may know her already!

MJ Fredrick is one of the hardest working women I know, and honestly, I think she is blessed with more hours each day than the rest of us. Or she stole Hermione Granger’s time turner. Or she’s an alien. Somehow she manages to teach music to elementary school children, maintain a blog and impressive Pinterest boards, actually complete projects inspired by Pinterest, sew (beyond basic mending), keep up with her favorite TV shows, raise a fine son, spend time with her hubby, maintain a social life, and STILL publish a hefty number of books. Her writing speed amazes me. She works with several publishers and has also jumped into the self-publishing arena. She writes everything from historical to contemporary, from romantic suspense to paranormal.

I am in complete awe of MJ. Always have been. So, happy birthday, my friend! I hope it’s fabulous!

If you have a moment, please pop over to her blog and wish her happy birthday: http://mjfredrick.wordpress.com/

And if you like contemporary, small-town romance, give her new Bluestone series a try! You can find them at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Nora Roberts Hits a Milestone

18 Apr

Nora Roberts’s three decades of writing have led to 200 books – The Washington Post.

La Nora, the queen of romance, hit an awesome milestone with her latest release. 200 books published! What an amazing accomplishment.

My favorite quote from this article is an excellent response to people who belittle romance readers and writers:

Roberts claims not to care about what she calls the “literati war on women.” Just because many women “like to read about emotions,” she says, “doesn’t mean we don’t have intellect.” And anyway, she adds, “Why is it not healthy to believe in love? Why is it not valuable to write about strong, healthy women finding a strong, healthy relationship?”

I love that! I’ve long despised the dismissive attitude toward the genre of romance, the view that it is something less than worthy of a reader’s time. Even worse, that romance is bad or dangerous to women. Really? Reading about people falling in love and working against the odds to create a solid relationship is a problem?

I’ve heard the anecdotal claim multiple times that reading romance makes women dissatisfied with an otherwise fine relationship in real life. I’ve never seen that. If anything, I’ve noticed that lovers of romance novels tend to have strong, happy, fulfilling relationships.

Let’s take the claim to its logical end and see if it holds up: If romance novels can harm readers, what about the effects of thrillers on readers? Or, novels about serial killers? Mysteries? If a reader spends too much time in the shoes of a homicide detective hero, are they going to start trying to solve crimes in their spare time? Turn into a computer hacker bent on world domination? Start killing off their enemies and burying them in the woods? Ludicrous, isn’t it?

I started reading Nora with Irish ThoroughbredDo you read Nora Roberts/JD Robb? What is your favorite of her books?

It’s FREE! Two Days Only

29 Mar

I’m running a promotion on Amazon. Mending Fences is FREE on Thursday, March 29, and Friday, March 30! Here are links:  Amazon    Amazon UK

A quick recipe for Mending Fences, a sensual contemporary romance…

Take one reformed hotshot CEO playing rancher. Add one strong woman, an abuse survivor with a lot of secrets. Toss together for one searing kiss on Halloween, then separate. Fold in a slightly deformed pet bison who creates accidental serendipity. Stir together. Add discoveries, revelations, angst, heartbreak, suspense, and generous helpings of both healing and sexual tension. Layer with family relationships and a secondary love story and simmer to a Happy Ever After.

Don’t miss it! Download a copy before Friday at Midnight, PDT.

Update: What am I working on?

8 Mar

It’s been a few days since I last posted…sorry about that. I’ve been consumed by work on new books. We’ll call that Good News!

I’m working on a second contemporary romance, Finding Refuge, that is due to come out in May. I might end up pushing that to June, depending on how the rest of this month goes. It’s a deep, emotional, angsty story and I really want to get it right. Travis and Andri deserve it! I think you’ll love these two characters as much as I do when you get to know them.

To balance out all that angst and heartbreak, I’m also working on a romantic suspense novella. However, I’m thinking that one will likely come out under a different pseudonym, because it is way, WAY hotter than I usually write. Not that the Helvetican objects, LOL.

Finally, a steampunk romance I’ve been toying with for some time has resolved most of its issues whilst sitting ignored in the back corner of my mind. It’s starting to beg for attention. I’ll try to pacify the story with jotting down occasional scenes here and there until after Finding Refuge is up. Because writing three books at once is insane…right?

All of that, plus the usual hectic routine around here, keeps me hopping. What are you working on, with writing, reading, or life right now?