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It’s Monday and All is Well

18 Jun

After a very long weekend (made longer by a nasty cold that developed. Don’t mind me coughing over here in the corner.), I’m happy to report that all is momentarily well. Aside from the cold.

What I mean is Mending Fences and Finding Refuge both successfully loaded and are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Other retailers are coming (I’m sure I’ve said that already), but the books should be available now in all the major formats.

So, what’s on the agenda this week?

  • I write nonfiction under my other writer hat, and I have an article to finish.
  • Reclaiming my flower beds, which are once again choking with grass. Darn stuff. Weed barriers are useless against it.
  • Reclaiming my desk. I should seriously upload a photo of what my out-of-control desk looks like. You’d be shocked that I manage to get ANYTHING done.
  • Catch up on some reading. I have The Third Scroll by Dana Marton, The Book of A Thousand Days by Shannon Hale, and The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan as the next books to conquer on my TBR mountain range.
  • Watch two movies coming out this week: Brave and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Soooo excited for both of them!
What are your goals for the week?
I’ll leave you with trailers for the movies, in case you’ve missed them.

And the dust settles…for now

13 Jun

Ok, I think I’ve got the blog’s new look in a good place for now. I reserve the right to change it at any time, because, you know, I’m a girl.

Remembering to Rejuvenate

14 Mar

Today was my day off. Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, does it? In my world, it’s huge, because I don’t get days off unless I schedule them.

It’s not just the full-time mom thing that makes work a 24/7/365 aspect of my life, though my Mommy duties are a big part of it. The primary problem is that I work at home, in an office right across the hall from my bedroom. Work is always there, when I go to bed, when I go into the kitchen, or the bathroom, or to get the door. Yes, I can come and go as needed, in order to get all my mom/chauffeur/chef/errand girl/gardener/pet caretaker/laundry specialist/whatever-I-need-to-be-today stuff done. But I find myself in my office chair staring at the computer every spare moment when I’m not checking off something on my To Do list.

When you’re a writer, dealing with words and plots and troublesome characters and fact-checking and editing, etc., can become exhausting. I love what I do, truly. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl, and I’ve been blessed to grow up and make money doing exactly that. I’m lucky! But sometimes, I have to remind myself to shut it off and take a break. Most folks with a full-time job get weekends off, or at least a couple of days somewhere throughout the week. Their reminder to take a breather is built into the job. The change in schedule, in activity, in duties, is good for the soul. It lets you rejuvenate, refill your energy source, and prepare to face work again when the break is over.

The book I’m working on now, Finding Refuge, is a difficult book. It’s angsty, it’s emotional, it deals with some heavy, difficult life issues. I can’t immerse myself in that day in and day out without paying the price of my brain turning to mush and refusing to spit out words and flesh out plots. I hit that point last night. That was my reminder to take a break.

So, I spent the day hanging out with my Helvetican. We lazed around the house for a while after the kids went to school then took a long drive. We hiked around in the West Deserts, where the early spring warmth, the gentle breeze, and the rich scent of junipers overloaded my senses and washed away work for a while. It was glorious. Add in a nap in the car, and I’m right as rain.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work. I’ll be ready for it. But before I open the WIP, I’m going to schedule my next day off in red pen on my desk calendar. What do you do to rejuvenate on your days off?

It’s Here!! Thoughts on Diving into Publishing

11 Feb

I should have posted this yesterday, but it was such a whirlwind, I never had time to blog. Mending Fences, my first novel, is now on sale! YAY! It actually went live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords yesterday. (Click on the Books tab above for links to the book on each seller.)

Going live was cool. I can see my book for sale! Even cooler? A couple of friends bought the book! Even cooler than that…STRANGERS BOUGHT IT. Oh, yeah. That was my favorite part of all, knowing that people who have no clue who I am saw the cover, read the blurb, and bought my book. If that isn’t squee-worthy, I don’t know what is.

A couple of things I’ve discovered in this huge learning curve of publishing books. A) You can’t use the same source file for every seller. I mean, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Why? Because every conversion requires different settings in the source file to look good in the final format. The biggest one for me is Page Breaks vs. Section Breaks. For the Smashwords and Kindle conversions, Section Breaks from a Word document are evil. They make extra spaces and pages that don’t belong in your final conversion. But for nook conversions? Thou shalt remove the Page Breaks and replace them with Section Breaks in order to have a proper page change at the start of each chapter. Oy.

This is why so many authors pay people to do their conversions. But I have to do it myself. I’m a bit of a control freak that way, I guess.

B) That there is an enormous amount of work to do with creating an author presence. Facebook, blog, twitter, obviously. Then there’s making author pages on Amazon and Smashwords…hmm, haven’t even checked B&N yet. I had a friend ask if it wouldn’t be easier to have a big publisher, because then ‘someone would do all that for you, right?’ Um…no, LOL. I’d still be doing all of my own publicity stuff with the Big 6.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. But I really enjoy it. Plus, you know, control freak. I’d end up doing it myself no matter how I published.