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A perspective on criticism

2 Jun

I came upon a fabulous blog post today. It is primarily focused on writers, as it is discussing negative reviews. However, I think it gives a great perspective on criticism of any sort a person might face. For the record, I love chocolate, bacon, and Harry Potter. That will make more sense if you read Beth’s post: Beth Revis: How to Respond to Negative Reviews.

For me, negative reviews cause a moment of brutal embarrassment. Think about those moments in life when you’ve totally and completely made a fool of yourself. Remember that sort of instant nausea accompanied by the furious pounding of your heart, when you’re sure that everyone saw what you did and everyone thinks bad things about you and you’ll never live it down? That’s the feeling I get. Once I get past that nasty emotional stew, then I take what I can from the comments that will help me improve, and I let it go. You can’t please everyone all the time. People’s tastes are far too wide-ranging for me to ever write something that all romance readers enjoy. And that’s okay. Because if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

How do you respond to criticism?