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A fun way to start the week

25 Jun

I’m the featured author this week at Kindle on the Cheap and Cheap eReads! If you’re not familiar with these sites, you should be, especially if you’re on Facebook. They list free and inexpensive ebooks for the Kindle and the nook. I think the Cheap has another page that lists deals for Smashwords, Kobo, and Sony as well. They have pages that specialize in YA books, romance, even nonfiction. All books listed include the star rating and the genre as well as a link to the book. Check them out!

Kindle on the Cheap

Cheap eReads

Death of an Inspiration and a Legend

7 Jun

I have to take a moment out of this week’s insanity to post about the loss of a legendary writer, a man whose works both entertained and inspired me: Ray Bradbury, who was 91 at his passing. I know this might seem strange, coming from a romance writer. But before I wrote contemporary romance, I toiled over tales of speculative fiction (with romantic subplots), and most of my reading in my youth came from that genre.

I came across Mr. Bradbury’s work as a young teen, when my reading material consisted primarily of epic fantasy novels. His stories and novels added more speculative fiction into my reading mix. The dark look at the future in Fahrenheit 451 cracked my youthful vision of a utopian future world, leading to growth in both my critical thinking skills and my imagination. Something Wicked This Way Comes entertained me, scared me, and made me think about deeper themes, which further shaped my storytelling skills as I studied how to wrap several elements into a tale. I devoured his short stories and enjoyed the adaptations on his TV series, The Ray Bradbury Theater.

Mr. Bradbury is a true legend among speculative fiction fans. He will be missed, but through his work, he will live forever.

Nora Roberts Hits a Milestone

18 Apr

Nora Roberts’s three decades of writing have led to 200 books – The Washington Post.

La Nora, the queen of romance, hit an awesome milestone with her latest release. 200 books published! What an amazing accomplishment.

My favorite quote from this article is an excellent response to people who belittle romance readers and writers:

Roberts claims not to care about what she calls the “literati war on women.” Just because many women “like to read about emotions,” she says, “doesn’t mean we don’t have intellect.” And anyway, she adds, “Why is it not healthy to believe in love? Why is it not valuable to write about strong, healthy women finding a strong, healthy relationship?”

I love that! I’ve long despised the dismissive attitude toward the genre of romance, the view that it is something less than worthy of a reader’s time. Even worse, that romance is bad or dangerous to women. Really? Reading about people falling in love and working against the odds to create a solid relationship is a problem?

I’ve heard the anecdotal claim multiple times that reading romance makes women dissatisfied with an otherwise fine relationship in real life. I’ve never seen that. If anything, I’ve noticed that lovers of romance novels tend to have strong, happy, fulfilling relationships.

Let’s take the claim to its logical end and see if it holds up: If romance novels can harm readers, what about the effects of thrillers on readers? Or, novels about serial killers? Mysteries? If a reader spends too much time in the shoes of a homicide detective hero, are they going to start trying to solve crimes in their spare time? Turn into a computer hacker bent on world domination? Start killing off their enemies and burying them in the woods? Ludicrous, isn’t it?

I started reading Nora with Irish ThoroughbredDo you read Nora Roberts/JD Robb? What is your favorite of her books?

Couldn’t have said it better…

15 Feb

This is absolutely brilliant! The battle between snooty literary fiction and wrong-side-of-the-tracks genre fiction is the focus of an awesome love letter, seeking reconciliation. [GUEST POST] Daniel Abraham’s Private Letter from Genre to Mainstream – SF Signal – A Speculative Fiction Blog.