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Start of a busy week

2 Apr

Ahhh, Mondays. Don’t you just love how they get your week started, get your heart pumping, and your brain moving in anticipation of all the stuff you need to do for the rest of the week? Yeah, I know, not really, but it is nice to get moving on the week and check a bunch of things off my perpetual to-do list.

Already today I’ve dropped off one of the vehicles at the shop for a steering issue which will undoubtedly be exciting to pay for. Taken the fluffball dog to her grooming appointment since she was getting a bit matted. Caught up with a neighbor I adore while chatting in our driveways. Checked my book ranking on Amazon…can’t help it, numbers are addictive.

Still on the docket for today: picking up the fluffball, going to a dental cleaning appointment, picking up a part for the big rear-tine tiller so I can get it running so the Helvetican can prepare the garden, writing, finding my desktop. And that’s just Monday. You should see what the rest of my week has listed.

Oh, by the way, my blog is part of a big, two-day blog hop coming up on Thursday and Friday, celebrating birthdays. There will be a couple of grand prizes for the hop, and I’ll offer a prize of my own here. I’ll post more about it tomorrow.

What does your week look like?

Remembering to Rejuvenate

14 Mar

Today was my day off. Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, does it? In my world, it’s huge, because I don’t get days off unless I schedule them.

It’s not just the full-time mom thing that makes work a 24/7/365 aspect of my life, though my Mommy duties are a big part of it. The primary problem is that I work at home, in an office right across the hall from my bedroom. Work is always there, when I go to bed, when I go into the kitchen, or the bathroom, or to get the door. Yes, I can come and go as needed, in order to get all my mom/chauffeur/chef/errand girl/gardener/pet caretaker/laundry specialist/whatever-I-need-to-be-today stuff done. But I find myself in my office chair staring at the computer every spare moment when I’m not checking off something on my To Do list.

When you’re a writer, dealing with words and plots and troublesome characters and fact-checking and editing, etc., can become exhausting. I love what I do, truly. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl, and I’ve been blessed to grow up and make money doing exactly that. I’m lucky! But sometimes, I have to remind myself to shut it off and take a break. Most folks with a full-time job get weekends off, or at least a couple of days somewhere throughout the week. Their reminder to take a breather is built into the job. The change in schedule, in activity, in duties, is good for the soul. It lets you rejuvenate, refill your energy source, and prepare to face work again when the break is over.

The book I’m working on now, Finding Refuge, is a difficult book. It’s angsty, it’s emotional, it deals with some heavy, difficult life issues. I can’t immerse myself in that day in and day out without paying the price of my brain turning to mush and refusing to spit out words and flesh out plots. I hit that point last night. That was my reminder to take a break.

So, I spent the day hanging out with my Helvetican. We lazed around the house for a while after the kids went to school then took a long drive. We hiked around in the West Deserts, where the early spring warmth, the gentle breeze, and the rich scent of junipers overloaded my senses and washed away work for a while. It was glorious. Add in a nap in the car, and I’m right as rain.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work. I’ll be ready for it. But before I open the WIP, I’m going to schedule my next day off in red pen on my desk calendar. What do you do to rejuvenate on your days off?

Happy Leap Day! How will you spend it?

29 Feb

So, here we are at Leap Day. Do you remember what you did last time, four long years ago? Even more important: what will you do on THIS Leap Day?

Yes, it does matter. After all Leap Days are incredibly rare. More rare than a blue moon, which occurs every three years or so. In an average lifetime, you’ll only experience 19 or 20 of these days. Shouldn’t Leap Day be spent on something more than the usual mundane tasks of work, or mopping the floor, or picking up the kids from school? Ok, you probably can’t skip out on your job, and leaving the kids at school will lead to all sorts of trouble, but you should definitely skip mopping.

Try spending your spare time today doing something–anything–out of your normal routine. Take a different route home from work and notice the new sights along the way. Turn to a radio station you never listen to and experience new music for a few minutes. If you’re making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, exchange the spaghetti for rice or mashed potatoes. (Come on, try it before you declare it disgusting!) Pick up a new book that isn’t in your usual genre. Try ice skating. Stop by a rancher’s fence and pet a cow.

I think I’ll work a bit on a new story idea that’s completely out of my normal comfort zone. Then I think I’ll go for a drive. Not to go anywhere, just for fun. My towering Helvetican hero does that a lot and has always wondered why I don’t. I always say I’m too busy to just go wander by myself with no destination. I will impose a time limit on myself, because there are certain things that simply must be done today, but otherwise, I’ll give it a shot. I’ll just drive and see what I see.

Take the challenge. Be creative, get out of your rut, and do something you’ll remember the next time Leap Day rolls around!

Musings for Mid-February

16 Feb

Ok, mid-February was technically yesterday, but just work with me here…

I’m watching my little birdie friends through my writing office window. While birds come and go throughout the day, the major feedings come in the morning and evening. At those times, there can be a good fifty birds taking turns at the feeders and, for the doves, picking seed off the ground. I fill the feeders at least once a day now, because the strange weather over the last few years has birds returning from the south sooner than they should, just in time to have our very late winters kick in and prevent them from finding food.

They tussle with each other and find ways to take turns, the small ones banding together to pester the big magpies and starlings that like to boss everyone else. One sparrow couple has taken over the birdhouse closest to my window, and several others of various species have inspected the farther one. Still others flirt and play with each other, trying to decide if they’ll mate or keep looking.

My feathered friends like my yard now because I’m feeding them. They like my yard in the summer because it looks like this:
























Ok…so maybe I do miss spring just a teeny bit. Thank heavens there is sunshine today. I think I shall go spend some time enjoying it.