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Update: What am I working on?

8 Mar

It’s been a few days since I last posted…sorry about that. I’ve been consumed by work on new books. We’ll call that Good News!

I’m working on a second contemporary romance, Finding Refuge, that is due to come out in May. I might end up pushing that to June, depending on how the rest of this month goes. It’s a deep, emotional, angsty story and I really want to get it right. Travis and Andri deserve it! I think you’ll love these two characters as much as I do when you get to know them.

To balance out all that angst and heartbreak, I’m also working on a romantic suspense novella. However, I’m thinking that one will likely come out under a different pseudonym, because it is way, WAY hotter than I usually write. Not that the Helvetican objects, LOL.

Finally, a steampunk romance I’ve been toying with for some time has resolved most of its issues whilst sitting ignored in the back corner of my mind. It’s starting to beg for attention. I’ll try to pacify the story with jotting down occasional scenes here and there until after Finding Refuge is up. Because writing three books at once is insane…right?

All of that, plus the usual hectic routine around here, keeps me hopping. What are you working on, with writing, reading, or life right now?